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Arogya Gramin operates “Professional Membership Scheme” for providing a platform to all those who have a passion to become a part of the Arogya Gramin Healthcare Foundation. The scheme is open for Individuals, Organisations, Educational Institutions, Healthcare, Laboratories, NGOs and PSUs. Arogya Gramin also invites students to become a member of the scheme and be part of the movement.

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Arogya Mitra

Under this scheme, Arogya Gramin provides a platform to earn high income by providing health facilities to the people by staying in their panchayat and becoming a Arogya Mitra.

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Apart from opening Arogya Gramin Kendra at the block level and providing health facilities to the people, Arogya Gramin provides a great platform to the BPO partner under this scheme to earn high income.

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Premium Membership

Arogya Gramin provides a great platform for the DPO to open Arogya Gramin Kendra at the district level and provide better work support to the people as well as all the BPOs and Arogya Mitras of the district. DPO can earn a high income under this scheme.

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What we do?

Delivering All Healthcare Solutions
For People In Need!

Providing the best affordable healthcare to the people at the most affordable rates in the best healthcare institution nearest to them
builds your social goodwill. Also you create a great network
from where you can adopt a high lifestyle by making a good income source.

Give Health camp

Free health camps with the help of an efficient team of doctors make people delighted and make them aware of their diseases.

Quick Service

People need quick and fast service. Which you can easily provide it to them from Arogya Gramin Kendra at your location easily.

Book Appoitment

Book a people appointment at your nearest tie-up healthcare institution to get 10 to 40% discounted service easily.

Digital OPD

Provide digital OPD service using video conferencing service with the best doctor consult for people's health needs...


Frequently Asked Questions!

Common questions that are asked by most of our new valued people.

In which state do you work most in India ?

Our most and best work is going on in the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand of India and we are working continuously to spread the work in other states of the country.

Why should you become a member of Arogya Gramin?

Arogya Gramin is giving you one of the best platform where you can work and make high income as well as create your own network in the health world. You can create your goodwill among the people in your society.

How to became a your member or business partner?

It is quite easy to become a member or business partner of Arogya Gramin. You can get information about membership and business partnership by directly contacting Arogya Gramin's toll free number - 18008898286.

How to know Arogya Gramin is a trusted company?

Trademark, Incorporation, ISO, PAN, TAN, 12A & 80G, MSME, NGO Darpan, Listed in (NSDC) Skill India as well as publicly available certificates, and information about the work done by Arogya Gramin makes the company completely trustworthy.

What are the main income sources of business partner?

Arogya Gramin provides not unlimited but lots of listed income sources to their business partner. Where most of the earning sources are Appointment Booking, OPD service, Digital OPD Service, Digital Clinic, Health cards, Ayurvedic Medicine, Surgery, Training, Skill India and other Gov. projects many more

How can you provide service and other products ?

We have the best health network in which we have more than 5000 associates (Medical Stores, Hospitals, Doctors, Labs), Volunteers, Arogya Mitras (Panchayat Star), BPO (Block Level), DPO (District Level), Company Employees, Brand's, and other manufacturers and service providers listed with us.